Életfa Mantra Kör

"Tree of Life Mantra Circle"

Our gatherings are held every second Wednesday evening in the heart of Budapest.

We invite you to:

- Sing with us spiritual songs from allover the world - mantras, prayers, poems.

- Listen to live music with guitar, flute, drums and various folk instruments.

- Learn tribal circle dances and enjoy free expression of movements.

Lyrics are projected on the wall, therefore it is easy to learn beautiful songs in Sanskrit, Hungarian, English and other languages. Repetitive singing of these poems will bring you to meditative or extatic states of mind. You will notice that in this experience all everyday problems fall off your shoulder...

In the second part of the evening we go through transformation and start to dance. But if you are not in the mood of active participation, you can also sit, listen and enjoy inner traveling. In the break we invite you for a cup of tea. Please bring with you a mug to be filled with a delicious warm drink!

We ask you the support of 2000 Ft for the organization of this event.

Starting from 3th october 2012 we gather every first Wednesday in the month, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

The event takes place in the Siddharta Community House located on 98 Andrassy street.